Columbia Report by Dr. Marion Dodson

The following report was sent to me from Pastor Jaime Tundeno, who is a Field Director in Columbia with the School of Christ. This pastor was so touched by the School of Christ teachings that he purposed in his heart to take the School to other hungry believers in his native county. I know you will be as blessed by the following report as I was.
-Dr. Marion Dodson

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing peace to be with you. It is very pleasing for me to inform you of what God has been doing through the School of Christ in our country of Colombia.

It has been three years (2011) since I received the School of Christ in the city of Sabanagrande by the personal teaching of Brother Clendennen brought to us by our beloved Pastor Delvis. I was led to touch others just as I was touched by each one of the lessons of School. I purposed in my heart to see that others were also touched by this message of Pentecost. From that day I started sharing the teaching of the School of Christ throughout Colombia leading us into the following cities: Barranquilla, Cali, Valledupar, Pivijay, Santa Marta, Bogota, Santo Tomas, Palmar de Varela, and Sabanagrande. We also went into the mountains between indigenous guanviamos in an area called Silvia and we stayed in the mountains of Cauca.

In our effort with the School of Christ, we graduate from 2011 to 2013 around 1893 students. Since the beginning of 2014 we have started new Schools with about 220 students. We are now running some Schools in church that have asked for us to come. We are working but sometimes it is very difficult. We have had to postpone some Schools because in the mountain of Columbia there are conflict between indigenous brother and tribes. We are praying that God will supply our needs and guide us as to how we can continue the work in these mountainous areas of Colombia. To God be the glory for every one of the experiences in these places. We are going to continue to work through all obstacles and continue to preach the message of the Kingdom of God.

Blessings in the Lord Jesus and the peace of God cover you.
-Pastor Jaime Tundeno

Columbia 1

Nicaragua Report by Dr. Marion Dodson

We just finished the School of Christ in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua, with twenty four graduates. We faced a very difficult situation because of the social policy. In this region there are two groups that have taken over all commercial land and air travel. Therefore, all transportation in the area is stopped. However, in the midst of this environment we saw the mighty hand of God.  The students graduated in an atmosphere of power with many souls being restored and saved. We can truly say that we diligently fulfilled the mandate to  remember the poor by bringing them the gospel of Pentecost.

The pastors of the Evangelical Renewed denomination asked that I send words of gratitude to the Directors of the School of Christ because their lives have been  renewed in a way that only the Holy Spirit of God could do.  Pastor Sergio Tercero said it is amazing what has  happened in his life through the School. He has had a real encounter with the Christ, and he feels a burden to carry the message of Pentecost to more communities. Sergio believes that the message of the School of Christ is the answer for the indigenous groups in the area. He said the poverty in these areas is extreme, but has faith that the School of Christ will renew the minds of believers in these poor areas.

Pastors who graduated from the School are now teaching the School of Christ to their    congregations. Principle Bishop of the Evangelical Renewed,  Kenneth Bushed, gave me permission to translate the School of Christ into the Miskito language which is the  language that dominates the Atlantic region.

We give glory and honor and thanks for all the achievements that only our God can do with His power. Pray as we go forward with the work He has called us to do.

Graduating School of Christ class in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua.

Graduating School of Christ class in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua.

Students graduated in an atmosphere of power.

Students graduated in an atmosphere of power.