Russia Report by Yakov Deminachuk

We had a great youth School of Christ this year in Ivangorod, Russia, with one hundred and thirty young people in attendance. The Holy Spirit came and filled the hearts of these young people. There was a lot of repenting, and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. We prayed for many hours, and no one wanted to go to sleep at night. We witnessed the change that Christ made in each of their lives.

The work of the SOC is continuing to grow and change lives in Russia. We are planning a full-time School of Christ in September of this year. We are continuing to translate the SOC for the deaf. It is very hard and a slow process but much needed. Andrei Kosygin is working very hard on this project to make it available so that all of the deaf can learn and grow through the teachings of the School of Christ. God bless you, and thank you very much for continuing to help us in our work here in Russia.



Russia Report by Joel Pledge

West Russia has been greatly impacted by the School of Christ and the revival fire of the Holy Spirit. Last December we preached the first week of the School of Christ in Smolensk, Russia. The local pastor, Andrey Vladimervich, graduated in 1997 from a School of Christ in Kemerovo, Russia, which was taught by Pastor B.H. Clendennen. His roommate at that School was Andrey Sekhin, our Field Director. Pastor Vladimervich was baptized in the Holy Spirit during the School in 1997. He testified that the School literally changed his life and ministry. His wife testified that after attending the School he came home a completely different person.

Andrey Sekhin went on to work with the School of Christ in Siberia and Asia, but recently contacted his old friend about having a School in the West Russia region. We have had two sessions: the first in December, 2015, and the second in April, 2016. There is no doubt that God has changed lives in the Smolensk Region. Many churches came together to participate in the School. There were 50 plus students every day in the prayer meetings and preaching sessions. In the evening the meetings were focused upon the teaching on the Holy Spirit, and they were open to the entire community. The church was filled with people eager to learn about the Holy Spirit and His work in their lives. Some 30-40 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit during these two weeks of the School of Christ.

Many people were healed. A large number of people made first-time commitments to Christ! Two men brought an unbelieving woman from their community to the School. God saved her and filled her with the Holy Spirit. She was a completely new person. We saw revival come to West Russia.

The excitement of the revival in Smolensk spread to other areas as well. In April we had a session in the city of Bryansk, just 200 miles south of Smolensk. The churches in this area have struggled in the past, but God rained down a refreshing of His Spirit. Many people were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time. One woman who had been in the church for years, received the Holy Spirit and could not stop speaking in tongues for days! She wasn’t sure what was happening in her life, but the pastor assured her it was the Holy Spirit of God working in her life. Another woman was under doctor’s care for problems with her kidneys. When she went back to the doctors after the meetings, she testified that the doctors could find nothing wrong. All of her tests were normal. She was praising God for a healing. Each night the altars were filed with people who were seeking God. Oh, that we all would hunger and thirst for God’s presence. He will draw nigh to us if we will only draw nigh to Him.

Please continue to pray and give to the School of Christ. God is making a difference in the lives of people everywhere through this ministry. One woman wrote that 300 lives would never be the same because of the ministry of the School of Christ. I believe that these 300 will affect many more lives as they minister and pray in the power of the Spirit!


Russia Report by Yakov Demyanchuk

This week held a School of Christ for young people. We had 127 students in attendance.

Last night in the service there was a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. For hours there was singing, praying, and tears of repentance. It was after midnight when the students returned to their cabins to sleep. Praise the Lord!

Please keep this School in your prayer. God is doing a might work in these young people’s lives.


Russia Report by Joel Pledge

We held our first ten-day School of Christ Pentecost Conference in Western Russia and we invited everyone that was thirsty for a renewal of Pentecost to join us. The speakers were Andrey Sekhin, the area director for the School of Christ; Roman Dombrauskas, graduate of the School of Christ in 1992 and leader of a major network of churches; and Joel Pledge, School of Christ Director over China since 1994.

The purpose of the Conference was three-fold. First, to renew the impact of the School of Christ in that region. Brother Clendennen preached the first School of Christ there in 1998 and many people remember the strong move of God that they experienced. They testified of its lasting impact on their lives and ministry.

Second, we wanted to renew the message of Pentecost in this area. For many years this area has been spiritually strong, they have planted many churches in the cities around Chita, Russia. However, in the last few years they have ceased planting churches and the existing churches are dying spiritually.

Third, we wanted to emphasize that the harvest is white and ready to be harvested. God is calling the Russian church to support missions through their prayers, intercession, their offerings, and by answering the call to go.

The Spirit of prayer and intercession permeated the Conference from the opening service. Hours were spent in the presence of God seeking His face, and desiring to see His Glory once more fall upon them. Many people were filled for the first time with the Holy Spirit. Many testified of being physically healed.

We presented two video messages from Pastor Clendennen that was taped in the 2006 Pray and Fasting Conference there. After the message, “The Blood, The Answer to Everything,” a woman rushed to the microphone weeping, and said that she felt a hand reach inside her body and remove a growth, the growth was gone! Another woman was healed of asthma. God moved powerfully every day.

We witnessed the Lord renew the Holy Spirit in the lives of the leaders. God renewed the call to reach the world for Christ. The alarm was sounded and the pastors and church leaders committed themselves to preaching the Gospel everywhere. The School of Christ has played an important part of the spiritual development in this region and we are excited to be able to refresh and renew the churches in faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The School of Christ had its beginnings in Moscow in 1992. Today we are hearing a call to return there to move the churches forward with God. Pastor Roman wants us to help his network of churches lay a firm foundation in the Word of God through the School of Christ. We have also been contacted by other ministries about training their ministers and workers. The School of Christ material is being used also to prepare workers who are entering missionary service. The opportunities are enormous!

Won’t you join with us in prayer for the restoration of the “Message of Pentecost” in Russia.

Russia Report by Yakov Demianchuk

We had a wonderful School of Christ in Ivangorod, Russia at our church with students coming from Karelia, St. Petersburg, and States. The lessons of the School of Christ were powerful, and the fire of the Holy Spirit came into every heart. The presence of God was felt and every student’s walk with the Lord was renewed. There was such a presence of the Holy Spirit that the students felt like it was Heaven on earth.

Our work continues in the Saratov region of Russia. Saratov is a city and the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, Russia, and a is major port on the Volga River. We have there a good coordinator, Andrei Kosygin, who has worked in several cities in this central region of Russia, and is doing a great work for the School of Christ.

We were led to go and introduce the School of Christ to the pastors in this region. We brought with us twenty SOC book’s, and they began to read and study them. We now have Schools running in these regions in the cities of Omsk, Kemerovo, and Novosibirsk.

Our country is now going through a political crisis, and in the churches there is a search for spiritual reality. Pastors are looking for an answer to know what to do. The School of Christ teachings have brought them the answer.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with the School of Christ and for your continued prayer and support.

Russia 1

Russia Report by Darrell Turner

I recently traveled to Vladivostok, Russia, which is located on the eastern side near the border of North Korea. I preached in a church planted by one of the first students to graduate from the School of Christ in Russia late 1992. His name was Roma and at that time around 22 years old and a new Christian. God did such a great work in his life through the teaching of Brother Clendennen and in the daily prayer meetings that he was determined to plant a church in his home city where the church had been closed down by the Communists and the Christians had been killed or sent to Siberia. Pastor Robert Smith, who accompanied me on this trip, was Roma’s sponsor and traveled the nine hours by plane from Moscow with him to assist and support him in planting a new Church. Pastor Smith testified to how he had prayed most of the night asking God how he could use this young man, whose father was an alcoholic and his North Korean mother had passed away, as well as him being so young in an hostile environment like Vladivostok. Use him, God did, and is still using this brother mightily after 21 years. The church has planted nearly a 100 churches across the former Soviet Republics, Eastern and Western Europe. When a church was planted in a new city they were encouraged to plant other churches. Pastor Roma’s church has hundreds in attendance in Vladivostok. They have multiple ministries in the region that minister to every type of ethnic group. We were taken to the home where former drug addicts are housed until they are ready to go out into ministry. I meet with them and shared my own personal testimony of God’s deliverance, and then prayed for them. Almost every pastor and person involved in ministry and evangelism were former drug addicts!

We also visited on a hillside some small homes where the homeless receive shelter, food and the gospel! They have a Bible School that runs daily, and we ministered the Word to a packed room of students and believers, some who had traveled a long way to get there.

After the Sunday morning service we went to a water baptism on the seacoast. The water was frozen around two feet thick, and a cold wind was blowing off the ice. A trough, the size of a car, had been cut out of the ice, and six new Christians were led down the ladder, one by one, to be baptized in the frigid waters! Each one was asked to audibly confirm their faith in Christ, and then put down in the water. After the baptism the believers stood around and sang praises to the Lord.

At the conclusion of the final service in Pastor Roma’s Church, I gave an invitation for those who wanted to accept Christ, and around 30 people came forward to pray.

This great testimony of Pastor Roma and the fruit that has come out of the School of Christ in Russia is not unique. There are others scattered across the former Soviet Republics that God has used mightily! Not only there, but also around the world, God has raised up men and women who were impacted by the Holy Ghost and the teachings of Brother Clendennen and the SOC who have reached thousands of lost souls, planted thousands of churches, and impacted their cities for God!

Your giving and prayers make this possible. We need faithful stewards to stand with us now to run Schools in lands like Cambodia, Kirgizstan, Burma, and many other areas of the world. God bless you for your giving!

Sunday morning service at Pastor Roma’s Church.

Sunday morning service at Pastor Roma’s Church.

Home of former drug addicts waiting to go out into ministry.

Home of former drug addicts waiting to go out into ministry.

Water baptism in Vladivostok, Russia.

Water baptism in Vladivostok, Russia.

Pastor Roma

Pastor Roma

Russia Report by David Gearheart

We arrived in Ivangorod, Russia on May 15, 2013, to continue working with Pastor Yakov Demianchuk, Overseas Director of the School of Christ. We had a great time at home seeing my family, but ready to get back to Russia and to the work God has called us to do.

A campground was donated to us ten years ago and all the churches associated with us use it all summer for a time of getting closer to the Lord. The theme for this year camps was Paths to Power, taken from the School of Christ.

Beginning the last week of June and continuing till the end of July, one local church after another traveled four hours north of St. Petersburg to separate themselves for God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship.  Our family stayed at the camp the whole time to minister together with the leaders of each church.  On the weekends, while waiting for the next church to come, we traveled around the region preaching in new churches that Pastor Yakov is responsible for.

The churches in Russia are not seeing growth by leaps and bounds, but there is a definite, steady increase of solid, balanced believers.  We are constantly asking for God’s divine intervention to help us bring in the harvest.  Still, we were a bit overwhelmed this year in the Youth Camp. With one hundred and twenty youth in tight quarters, with not enough toilets or showers, even water was a problem, it is necessary to keep them active and challenged.  On two separate evenings, Yakov took thirty campers on an evangelizing  trip to the cities where our newly planted churchs are located.  Another evening we all went to the nearby lake to baptize several of the youth, which included my two oldest boys.

The last evening of the youth camp, the Holy Spirit moved in a clearly supernatural way, beginning with a group of 12-13 year olds from Ivangorod. All week they had been hard to handle, not interested in the Bible lessons at all.  At the altar call, suddenly they broke down, weeping loudly and repenting.  As the wave of emotion passed, we started to dismiss for supper, but nobody wanted to leave the meeting tent. Others started seeking more earnestly and the Holy Spirit passed through the tent in waves.  The leaders just stood still and watched in amazement as God filled one after another with His Spirit.  This went on until two in the morning, and the changed attitudes were evident for weeks to come. This move of the Holy Spirit was just what we needed to encourage us and convince the doubters who had never seen a real move of God.

Here are a few pictures of our time there.  Many thanks that you have been faithful to His calling.