Evangelism by Myanmar SOC Graduates by Andrey Sekhin

In March, 2016, we held a School of Christ in Myanmar. One of the students was Pastor Samuel. During the School, he asked if I would come and minister to his village because there were only three Christian families in the entire village, and the rest were Buddhist. I agreed to go.

When we arrived, we were expecting about 50 people to attend the meeting—there were about 400 people waiting to hear us! The crowd was large and nothing was prepared, so I climbed on the roof of the bus to preach the Gospel. Because of the crowd and the chaos; the village leaders shut us down. I prayed because of the missed opportunity to bring the Gospel to these hungry people that had never heard. With tears in his eyes, Pastor Samuel pleaded with me to come in December at Christmas time. He said the government would allow you to come and minister at that time of the year.

I have been praying and preparing for this Christmas Evangelism for eight months. Pastor Turnage gave his permission for the trip and sent the funds I needed for the crusade, travel, and to purchase each family a gift of rice. When we arrived, we were greeted by more than 300 adults and around 200 children eager to hear the Gospel. The pastors came from the surrounding villages to help with the music, and the distribution of gifts. I preached the Full Gospel, and almost all of them responded to the call for repentance.

Four pastors, graduates from the School of Christ in Myanmar, and I ministered in the village of lepers. The people there are not allowed to mingle with other villages. Doctors refuse to treat them, and their children are not allowed to attend schools with healthy children. We took Christmas as the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Christ to this neglected and unreached people. About 75 families came to hear us minister. Twenty people came forward and accepted Jesus Christ. While we were there, God laid on the heart of one of the SOC workers to start a church in this village.

Pray for the work and workers in Myanmar that we might reach as many souls for Christ while we can still work.


Myanmar Report by Andrea Sekhin

We had a great School of Christ in Magway which is in Central Myanmar. The students were made up of pastors, leaders, and young people. This was our second SOC in this area. Our first School was one year ago, and we have seen a great harvest for Christ.

Christianity is very weak in this part of Myanmar. The area is filled with many Buddhist Temples, and the Christians that are there need support. Through the School of Christ, the Lord has worked in the hearts of these students and their spiritual lives have changed. They all returned to their hometowns filled with the Holy Spirit.

The SOC has had a great influence on the young people, because in Myanmar, Buddhists can take young people away from their families and turn them into monks. We praise God that these young students in the School of Christ had an opportunity to get a very good foundation for their Christian lives. I believe they will become good vessels in the hands of our God, and the Word of God that was planted in their hearts will bear great fruit.

I’m very grateful for your prayers and material support for the School of Christ in South East Asia.

Myanmar Report by Andrea Sekhin

Statistically speaking, there is about 0.1% of Christians in this region of Myanmar. Pastor Vadim from Russia, who was in the School of Christ in 2003 in Ukraine, has a church which supports orphanages in Magwe, Myanmar, with 19 children. Pastor Vadim asked me for help so that they could have a School of Christ in Magwe. The leaders that work in that area need spiritual support, and there has never been a Bible School in Magwe before.

On the first day of the School, we had about 20 students. The Lord touched people with His Word and they told their friends that this was not a regular school where people get just knowledge, but God’s life comes, and people receive a great renewal. So on the third day of the School, we had about 30 people, which came from 10 different cities and 6 different organizations. The School was made up of pastors, missionaries, leaders, directors of orphanages, and teachers of Sunday Schools. The people testified that this was a miracle of God because they came from six different unions: Assemblies of God, Foursquare Gospel Church, Believers Church, Myanmar Evangelical Fellowship, Independent Church of Myanmar, and Baptists.

The School was held in a room in the orphanage; the room was small and the temperature outside was reaching 44°C (111°F). We had a pretty intense schedule. The School started at 7 am with one hour of prayer, then classes until 7 pm with short breaks. At 7 pm we usually were finishing with another one-hour individual prayer time. It was very hot in the room and the air conditioner wasn’t helping much but the students didn’t pay any attention to that. They were hungry to hear the Word of God.

After the School, people were testifying that their hearts were changed during these days and were filled with the Holy Spirit. We couldn’t finish all of the School materials, so I gave every student SD cards with video and audio in MP3 format, so they can go through the materials individually. They were very inspired and filled with God’s power when they went back to their homes. They can continue to work with new strength in this Buddhist country, where it’s very difficult to preach the Gospel. May the Lord bless them so their ministry will bring much fruit to the Kingdom of God.

Myanmar Report by David Jacobson

The following is an email report received from Bro. Ko Aung concerning the result of the February School of Christ held in Keng Tung, Myanmar. Continue to pray for the county of Myanmar, as we know the time is short and we want to be found working for the Lord.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Greeting in our Lord’s name. I hope and pray that all of you and your families and ministries are well in His grace and power. Church planters from our organization attended the School of Christ in Myanmar. I have seen such a change in their prayer life and they are now boldly sharing the Good New of Christ by the power of Holy Sprit. Many people accepted Jesus and were baptized. We are very blessed by all of the School of Christ workers who came and brought the School of Christ teaching. The photos are of my church planters baptizing the people that accepted Christ. God bless you all.
-Ko Aung, SOC Field Director

Myanmar 1

Tachileik, Myanmar Report by David Jacobson

God met us mightily at the Tachileik, Myanmar Conference in April, 2013—but not without a fight.  Our speaker became very ill as he was boarding the plane from Taiwan and had to return to the states.  I knew that the Lord would have us go on with the Conference, so I had to preach. God was with us and all the needs were met and the glory of God was revealed to everyone that attended.

A Spirit of revival was present right from the beginning, and the attendees who consisted of pastors, leaders, and lay people, were greatly touched by the Spirit of God and the teachings of the School of Christ.

The highlight of the conference was when two Burmese pastors came forth asking that we teach a School of Christ in their area which is located about 120 miles from the border in the Shan State of Myanmar.  They want the thirty-five pastors they are over to go through the SOC. They also want to invite other churches and leaders to come as well.

Upon returning home, I received the following email from Pastor Ko Aung stating his desire along with some pictures of this work in the Shan State.

Greeting in Jesus name! I am Ko Aung, the one who attended your School of Christ’s training in Myanmar. It was so great for me in your training and we were so blessed through your training. If you want to do this training in Myanmar, East Shan State, I can partnership with you; I am the leader of 23 churches. I desire to do training because all the church leaders under me are laymen, they never went to Bible School.  I hope and pray that you can come and open a School of Christ.  My place is 120 miles from Thailand. We talked about this when I met with you at  your conference. 

After entering Myanmar you will see idols everywhere.

After entering Myanmar you will see idols everywhere.

Attendees worshipping at the Tachielak Conference.

Attendees worshipping at the Tachielak Conference.

Participants on the last day of the conference.

Participants on the last day of the conference.

Pastor Stephen (left) is over 12 Four Square churches with 300 youth, and Pastor Ko Anug (right) is over 23 Four Square Churches in Shan State.

Pastor Stephen (left) is over 12 Four Square churches with 300 youth, and Pastor Ko Anug (right) is over 23 Four Square Churches in Shan State.