Nicaragua School and Conference by Dr. Marion Dodson

Nicaragua School and Conference by Dr. Marion Dodson

The School of Christ leaders from several South American countries met for a time of fasting and prayer, and the graduation of the School of Christ in Tipitopa, Nicaragua. This meeting was held at the newly constructed facility of the Abundant Faith Church. This wonderful building allows us to house thirty students and gives the School a permanent location in Nicaragua.

Leaders from Cuba, Columbia, Bolivia, and Honduras, attended this Time of Renewing. We began each morning at 5:30 with prayer. Past and present SOC Directors came to minister in the services. The altar was filled each night with the leaders seeking the Lord. Their prayer was that they would be faithful in taking the Gospel of Christ to Central America. What a blessing to hear the outstanding testimonies of what God is doing in the different countries. This was a time of strengthening and encouragement for the leaders and students of the School of Christ.

It has been several years since I have traveled to Nicaragua. What a blessing to see and hear what the Lord is doing through the SOC in this country. The work continues to expand, and we are now moving into the indigenous regions with the Gospel. It is our desire to take the School of Christ into these remote and unreached regions this year.

Please continue to pray for the Directors, Field-Workers, and Leaders as we move through as many open doors as possible before the night comes, when no man can work.


Nicaragua Report by Richard Goebel

In June we traveled to Jalapa, Nicaragua for three days of fasting and prayer for pastors that had graduated the School of Christ. As word spread about the conference, many other pastors joined us because they saw first-hand the effects the School of Christ had on the lives of pastors that graduated; their desire is to be able to attend a School. God moved in these meetings, and the pastors left strengthened for the work of the Lord in these last days.

Currently there is a great shortage of food, and some of our brethren are finding it difficult to buy the food that they need for their families. I humbly ask that you please pray for the many pastors that are laboring in Central and South America. We continually hear of the great things that God is doing in the lives of His people. The doors are open, the needs are great. We are praying that God will provide the needed finances, and we ask that you pray for us as we do the work of the Lord in all of these areas.

There is one other thing that has been on my heart for the past few weeks that I wish to share with you. Once, when considering all of the open doors before us, Brother Clendennen was asked, “Who will reach all these people if we don’t?” Brother Clendennen replied, “Religion will reach them, because they have the resources!” He knew they would be harvested for either God or the Devil. I ask that you please pray and give so that others might hear the true Gospel of Jesus before they are reached by false religion.

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Nicaragua Report by Delvis Mercado Soza

By the mercy of God the work of the School of Christ in Nicaragua is growing. We are running four new Schools with a student population of sixty students from different parts of the country. We are continuing the work of the School in the maximum security prison here. There are more than four thousand prisoners and we are training twenty-two shepherds who are preachers to work in the prison system. On March 10th we held a meeting with the various coordinators of School of Christ from the different departments of the country to pray and talk about the work. It was decided that we should plan to start seven new Schools next month in Juigalpa, Somoto, Esteli, Nueva Segovia, Jinotega and Managua.

On March 14—16 we had three days of fasting and prayer with twenty-two brothers, mostly students of School of Christ, in our church. We cried out to God to provide all that we need to continue this work of the Kingdom.

I will be returning to Bolivia, God willing, to gather the students who have already been graduated for a time of Congress of the School of Christ so they will be encouraged to continue on the narrow road.

Continue to pray for the work in Central America. God bless you.

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Nicaragua Report by Dr. Marion Dodson

We just finished the School of Christ in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua, with twenty four graduates. We faced a very difficult situation because of the social policy. In this region there are two groups that have taken over all commercial land and air travel. Therefore, all transportation in the area is stopped. However, in the midst of this environment we saw the mighty hand of God.  The students graduated in an atmosphere of power with many souls being restored and saved. We can truly say that we diligently fulfilled the mandate to  remember the poor by bringing them the gospel of Pentecost.

The pastors of the Evangelical Renewed denomination asked that I send words of gratitude to the Directors of the School of Christ because their lives have been  renewed in a way that only the Holy Spirit of God could do.  Pastor Sergio Tercero said it is amazing what has  happened in his life through the School. He has had a real encounter with the Christ, and he feels a burden to carry the message of Pentecost to more communities. Sergio believes that the message of the School of Christ is the answer for the indigenous groups in the area. He said the poverty in these areas is extreme, but has faith that the School of Christ will renew the minds of believers in these poor areas.

Pastors who graduated from the School are now teaching the School of Christ to their    congregations. Principle Bishop of the Evangelical Renewed,  Kenneth Bushed, gave me permission to translate the School of Christ into the Miskito language which is the  language that dominates the Atlantic region.

We give glory and honor and thanks for all the achievements that only our God can do with His power. Pray as we go forward with the work He has called us to do.

Graduating School of Christ class in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua.

Graduating School of Christ class in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua.

Students graduated in an atmosphere of power.

Students graduated in an atmosphere of power.