Ethiopia Report by Richard Goebel

During the month of May, 2013, the School of Christ was held in Dilla, near Hawassa, Ethiopia.  A great sacrifice was made by many people to make this school a reality, including the students themselves.  This school represented a great victory for us.

Two young men who have been affected by the School of Christ, along with one of our great workers, Pastor Okata, labored to make this school possible.  It was a large school with over seventy students attending and sixty-four students graduating.

Students came from twenty-five different towns and villages from many parts of Ethiopia.  In a part of the world where travel is difficult and expensive, this alone would make this school rather remarkable.  At the graduation ceremony the  students expressed how happy and blessed they were to have been able to attend the School of Christ. Most of them testified that it is their desire to bring the life of Christ that they experienced in this school, back to their own towns and people.

It is the LIFE of Christ that makes the School of Christ distinct.  When we hear of the effect that this LIFE has had on these men and woman who graduate, it is truly the reason we labor to bring the SOC to the hard to reach places.  We are seeing many souls that are hungry for Truth.  Pastor Okata, and the two men who are laboring with him, have expressed a desire to run more schools in smaller towns and villages.  As the Lord opens the doors and provides the means, we are going to press forward; for the field is white to harvest in these areas that have very little Gospel witness.

Praying over graduating students.

Praying over graduating students.

Graduating class in Dilla, Ethiopia.

Graduating class in Dilla, Ethiopia.


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